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Fitness Rx Body Challenge resultsWe just finished our Body Challenge that lasted from March through May.  The idea is to get members to take advantage of a personal trainer’s experience regarding exercise and more importantly nutrition advice.  We had five teams of 4-6 people working together with a trainer once a week as a group and the remaining days on their own.  The team environment created comradery to succeed together and not let each other down.  The trainer used team enthusiasm as a tool to push them to achieve their individual goals, which in turn sparked the team to achieve its goal.

Team Results:

  • Team Will – 9% (winner)
  • Team Gina 8%
  • Team Glen 7.5%
  • Team Mike 6%
  • Team Caitlin 5%

Team Will won the challenge with the largest loss as a total percentage of total body weight.  Team Gina’s member Claire was the individual with the largest percentage loss with 14.35%.

Team Will’s member Jimmy broke the club record of losing the most weight in pounds with 36 total pounds, that’s up 1.5 from the previous record holder Jeff, 34.5lbs.

Interesting note: three people competed in the last two challenges, lost large amounts of weight, and did it the healthy way.  There were no gimmicks, no tricks sold or used just hard work and the nutrition education that our trainers provided to live by.  Jeff lost 48 total pounds, Ben lost 31 total pounds and Linda lost 25 total pounds.

The evidence from our two body challenge competitions proves that Fitness Rx and its trainer’s have the road map to success for weight loss and health.  Thanks to all my trainers, Will, Gina, Glen, Mike and Caitlin.


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