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Fitness Rx of Easton and Danny Russo take Women’s Only Program on National Stage

Fitness Rx of Easton announces that club trainer Danny Russo takes Women’s Only Program on National Stage


Fitness Rx of Easton and Danny Russo take Women's Only Program on National StageFeb. 27, 2014  EASTON, Md.  Fitness Rx of Easton announced today that club trainer, Danny Russo, takes women’s only program to national stage.

“We’re thrilled to have Danny Russo as part of the Fitness Rx team,” said Mark Cuviello, President “Along with Danny’s expertise in women’s weight loss, our facilities and exercise programs offer something for everyone.”

Trainer Danny Russo traveled the country on tour for 17 years conducting seminars for women only in over 1,100 cities.   Russo’s unique style and motivation caught the eye of a big-time television producer and Shark Tank judge Kevin Harrington.   Kevin made a few calls and the Boston group Bluevase Marketing signed Danny to a long term contract to bring his message to the entire country starting in November of 2013.  Danny’s co-host for the show was the one and only Forbes Riley who has presented fitness programs around the world.. She is in the fitness hall of fame and was Jack LaLane’s partner in the famous Jack La Lane juicer.

Danny has already conducted three extremely successful seminars and women are getting results, having fun and feeling good.    Danny’s approach is that women are unique and there are so many obstacles that prevent women from getting in better shape the most of which is hormone related.   Danny is a Clinical Nutritionist, a Master Trainer and former NFL strength coach.  He has competed as a fighter, power lifter & body builder and says he never really got into enjoying being a trainer with such enthusiasm until he started training women only….   His program is a 90 day journey helping each women become THINNER, FIRMER, LEANER, STRONGER, HEALTHIER AND FEELING   GOOD.

So, just get ready Easton!   We have the best of the best to put you in the shape you want to be in. No fad diets, no trick pills…just real foods and real results.  You are going to be amazed.  You want to meet Danny and talk about his program just pull into Fitness Rx on April 28th  and you’ll find him putting women just like you in better shape with motivation, power, enthusiasm and good old fashion “Know How”.

Fitness Rx of Easton offers a unique destination where club members and guests can take advantage of a fun non-intimidating atmosphere that’s comfortable for both beginners and enthusiast to help them lose weight and get back in shape.

According to Mark, “It is a very exciting time to join Fitness Rx. The interest in our weight loss and exercise programs with Danny Russo continues to be well-received. I also look forward to our future growth and providing new and exciting opportunities for the residents of Easton and guests of Fitness Rx to lose weight and get back in shape.”

About Fitness Rx

Fitness Rx was founded to help men, women and youth get the results they are looking for in a high energy, fun environment.  Fitness Rx is a privately held company based in Easton, Maryland. For more information on Fitness Rx, please visit or call 443-385-0506.

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