I started Fitness Rx to bring professionalism and customer service to the fitness industry. Far too often customers aren’t treated with respect and hospitality.

My professional back ground is hospitality and production in the hotel and convention environment. My day to day life for 25 years was CUSTOMER SERVICE. In that industry the saying “the client is always right” is 100% spot on. In the gym industry “the client is always right” has no meaning at all. My mission is to provide PROFESSIONALISM and customer service to every single customer.

Professionalism means smiling, engaging in intelligent conversation, helping and advising members as well as appropriate attire, no tank tops, cut off shorts, T shirts that have inappropriate logos or comments. All interactions with customers will polite and immediate. Our facility will be cleans and operational. We will consistently improve our product at our expense not the clients. Using my customer’s names and getting to know them as individuals and what their goals are. Learning how can we, the team at Fitness Rx, can help them achieve these goals.

My team’s direction at Fitness Rx is to provide a friendly environment and a place that everyone will enjoy coming to become healthier and happier.