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Women Weight Training / Weight Loss Project

Updated: Feb 2

Attention women!!! Have you every thought about lifting weights and becoming strong? Do you want to get toned and lean while showing muscles in your shoulders, arms, abs? Tighten up your hips, thighs, glutes? The more muscle you develop the more control you have over your body and your weight.

Let Stephanie and Mark teach your how to lift weights correctly and actually see muscle increase and smaller clothes sizes. Don't worry, you wont get big, look like a man or become bulky. We will work on high reps for your whole boy and becoming sculpted!

One on one sessions available as are buddy training sessions, up to 3 people. Discounts given for 2-3 people training together. Make it a support, team effort and you will see results!. Oh yeah, NUTRITION IS INCLUDED!!!!

Contact Mark, and put in the subject line Women Weight lifting Program.

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