* Good Morning Jen,
See below my msg about the program & all of your help to get me where I am today and beyond, thank you very much for all your encouragement! I appreciate it very much. I will send the rest of my meal planners to you tomorrow, ok? Have a great day.

I just completed the 4-weeks Women Only Body Transformation. My trainer, Jen Frye takes dedication, drive and consistency. If you haven’t taken the challenge, I would recommend it!

Jen has helped me to get out of my funk that I was in; at first I was feeling very discouraged but she had the right words for encouragement that I needed to continue with the program. She is always there by phone, txt or email when you need her for any nutrient or exercise information. I feel so much better after getting all the information and just doing it. I don’t feel bloated or tired at all maybe only when I work out too hard LOL. When I exercise it gives me more energy to keep going. It feels good! The nutrient part was hard at first but now it’s not so hard after doing it 4 wks now. I am trying new foods that I never had before and I am enjoying it. I am also enjoying cooking new things too.

Jen, (Gina & Mark)

* I cannot thank you enough for putting this together at Stevensville! Seeing you get after it every time I was at the gym was VERY motivating. Before your program I would stop (exercising) the second I began to sweat – I hated sweating. Now…. I know I haven’t done anything at all unless I’m dripping, sweat-soaking wet.

Thank you so much!!! : )

Best Regards,

Fitness RX Workout Client Testimonials Before and After

* 65 lbs down & still counting!
I had just about given up. I had had 5 knee operations & wasn’t healing properly. In fact, I could barely move! My quality of life was not good. My knee & my weight were limiting my activities & my life. I decided to give FitnessRx a try. With support, motivation, & guidance from my trainer, Glen, & the staff, fitness and health have become my new way of life. I feel better than ever & am more physically fit than ever before! You never know what you can accomplish until your REALLY try!

Merrie DeLauder

* “I came to Mandie in severe pain from a herniated disc. My right foot was numb, I had sciatica especially on the left and severe muscle spasms/cramps. Immediately she had me drinking 80oz of water, which really helped. She thoroughly evaluated my limitations related to the pain and worked gently with me. I learned exercises and techniques I could do on my own. Within weeks my right foot was no longer numb and the sciatic pain intermittent at best. I am so grateful for the effort Mandie put into helping me and the relief from constant pain!”

Jennifer D.

* “It has been a pleasure to have Mandie Shockley as my personal trainer. She has been most helpful in enlightening me in how to make healthier food choices and the importance of regular exercise to your mental and physical wellbeing. She is very professional and makes her clients feel that they can be successful becoming healthier and more physically fit when they stick to the program! I look forward to working with Mandie in the future and have recommended her as an excellent personal trainer to others. In addition, I have lost 10lbs and dropped a dress size thanks to Mandie’s training.”

Shirley B.

* “Approximately 3 years ago I started having severe back pain. After trying everything from weight loss to acupuncture I finally decided on surgery. February of 2012 I had anterior and posterior spinal fusion. In the 6-8 weeks prior to my surgery Mandie and I worked hard to strengthen my core. When I went for my post op visits my doctors were amazed at how quickly I recouped and said that a lot of it was due to my core strengthening. At my one year visit they told me that most people are just starting to feel good. By my one year visit I was able to flip the big tire at the gym!“

Audrie Buehler

* “Personal training changed my life. Literally, I am the healthiest I’ve ever been and my body is returning to its optimal shape… slowly but surely! When I started training, Mandie made it clear that no goal was unachievable if the dedication and the work was there. My stamina has improved; I can now run a mile without stopping to catch my breath. I haven’t been able to do that since high school. My muscles are stronger and looser and allow me to get the most out of exercise. Until I started training I had no idea how my body was holding me back! My hamstrings were so tight I could barely do a squat! With Mandie’s help I not only have gained muscle strength but I’ve gained movement in general. Even walking is easier for me now. My hips are looser now, my back is stronger and aches less. It is so wonderful to be able to use my body to its fullest potential. I can’t imagine where I would be if I had never worked with Mandie. I am able to get down on the floor and play with my 2 year old nephew now. I look forward to seeing where this journey will continue to take me and to see what I can make of my future now that I am finally learning just what my body is capable of.”

Liz Barnett

* For 31 years, I have been on a weight roller coaster of my own creation. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea & a REM disorder. Many doctors, machines, prescriptions, etc. later, the REM disorder could not be controlled. A year later, my A1C (Diabetes Type 2) was 6.9 (borderline for medication), my bad cholesterol was borderline, and I was taking a medication for high blood pressure. Alone, I was able to lower my A1C to 6.4 which was still not “the answer.” I could not beat all this alone. Since my Dad passed away at 56 years old of arteriosclerosis and complications from non-medicated, Type 2 diabetes and I was 52, I was worried & scared. I’d tried training at the gym. Since we lived on a farm & exercise was part of daily life, the gym was a scary, monotonous, unnecessary place, in my mind. That next day, Will Meara saw me walking to the post office and said my name & waved while driving by. That was it — a sign!!

After mulling this over for a few days, I called Will & said, “I’m ready to be healthy.” That’s just where I am headed with Will & the entire gym including other members cheering me on! Since April of 2013, I have lost 28.8 lbs, and a total of 19 inches. My blood pressure is excellent and I no longer have to take any medications. I just recently got my new A1C hemoglobin test results back, and am no longer at risk for diabetes at a level of 5.4! I can walk on the treadmill without holding the handle AT ALL! NOTE: This is a huge feat for me. I have already started training for my first 5K, a long-time dream which is now a “goal” or “job,” my word for goal. My body hates it when I don’t go to the gym. My knee, ankle & foot fuss for exercise which is the complete opposite of my old way of thinking. I put on a form-fitting shirt for the first time in years at the urging of my supportive, adult son. I feel wonderful & am moving in the right direction for the rest of my life!

I cannot thank Will Meara enough for his support, persistence, gentle urging, more forceful urging – lol, understanding (could go on & on)! For me, it is a mental and physical process. Thankful that someone ‘gets that.’ We bring with us our past behaviors, fears, and perceptions. We must understand them to begin the journey. So blessed to have Fitness Rx in my life. Come join us!

Linda Elben-Adams

newtestimonial.jpgFitness RX Workout Client Testimonials

* Here’s what your gym, the coaching, the challenges, hard work, and dedication get ya. Thanks for creating an environment where people from all walks of life and fitness levels can learn to become healthier and happier!

Amanda Andrew


I want to thank you for continuing the 24 hr access, I know there are other members that feel the same! Thank you for the new equipment. All the Best in 2014.

Michael Peterson
I really like the emails and communication that the gym sends out regarding daily classes.

Tina Basel Buchanan
Hello, I have been a member of Fitness Rx since September, 2012. I am so pleased with the staff and the atmosphere at Fitness Rx. Everyone is supportive and helpful, the trainers are most knowledgeable and validating. My membership at Fitness Rx is an investment in my personal health, both physical and mental. It is an integral part of my health regimen, and an invaluable component of my well being.

Anne W. Ryan
Finally, a guy that actually wants his gym to be a good experience and includes his members in making many decisions. What a difference in ownership from prior to Mark. And then there’s Wolf… love that dog.

Laura Zagon
I have totally enjoyed my experience at Fitness Rx since becoming a member 36 months ago. Mark, his staff and his trainers are first rate and the evening classes have fit nicely into my weekly schedule with Gina, Mike and Caitlin. No waiting lines for equipment use and very nice people to work out with.

Robert Mielke
I love the changes at Fitness Rx. The staff is awesome, the equipment is new and the classes make you look forward to coming in to work out -- Bootcamp is by far my favorite class!!!

Mark, I have to credit Glen Whitely for much of my success in my weight reduction and strength increases over the last 1.5 years. He took me from not being able to run a vacuum in my house for more than 15 minutes, to where I am today. For me it started as a quality of life issue which physical therapy just did not address fully. In stepped Glen and today I am much more fit, strong and able to live life and take advantage all it has to offer. As example, a few months ago while vacationing, I participated in numerous hiking and rock climbing trips. Never could have hoisted myself up and out of a crevasse, or even joined in something like this 1.5 years ago. I am a firm believer in getting help when it is needed. Rely on those who have more knowledge, experience. It has made all the difference for me--and continues to do so!

Shelly Schiera
I love the new owership and staff at Fitness Rx. They seem to really care about their members. All of the new equipment is great and they do a phenomenal job keeping in touch with members to alert us of schedule changes, new classes, or just to ask for our input. And, the gym "mascot", Wolf, is a sweetie. He lowers my blood pressure when entering 🙂 Keep up the good work, Fitness Rx!

A K Ling
Mark offers training with considerable attention to form and safety. His gym has a very encouraging and supportive environment - I would recommend it to anyone!


I run at least five miles every day and could never get my time where I wanted it. I worked with Mark and Gina in small group sessions and reduced my time by 6 minutes! Now, I am training for my first half marathon and the work I am getting is helping me get stronger. Plus, I started to get that muscle definition I always wanted. The workouts are challenging, but he makes it fun. The people in our groups are very diverse and they gear the workout to each of us individually.