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Mid Shore Martial Arts

Over 35 years of experience!

Class Schedule

2 Day Program:

Wed 4:30pm – 5:30pmpm

Sat 10am - 11am

Starts November 2021

4 Day Program:

Tue 4pm - 5pm

Wed 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Thur 4pm - 5pm

Sat 10am - 11am


101 Marlboro Ave, Suite #37
Easton, MD 21601

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Woman Self Defense program (Paid Program)

Attention ladies!

Learn how to defend yourself with basic defensive and offensive tactics.  Don't be a victim!  Find out how to identify potential dangerous situations and defend against them.      


Ladies Self Defense costs $50/month or $15/class to drop-in. This hour-long class is mostly ground fighting defenses & grappling techniques. In short, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Self Defense. We also incorporate yoga, punch defenses, joint locks, take-downs & other compliance techniques. Class meets every Saturday 9am - 10am. Taught by Mrs. Kathy & Mrs. Kelley.

Kids Karate (Paid Program)

We offer a 2 day a week program designed to take your child from the beginning and build techniques to grow into becoming a black belt.   Our Karate is a mixed-American style. Kicks and forms/katas are Taekwondo. Strikes are mostly Boxing. Self Defense techniques are mainly Combat Hapkido while our take-downs are mostly Judo and Wrestling. We also train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for ground/grappling techniques. Some other styles of Martial Arts are mixed in as well and we also train some weapons: Bo Staff, Sword & Kali (short sticks & knives).  We not only work on Karate and grappling, we also work with their fitness levels.


Mark Cuviello the owner of Fitness Rx has decades of fighting experience ranging from standup karate style to full grappling and street techniques.  Becoming physically fit is crucial to success.  Using Mark's training fight/ fitness techniques combined with our schools teaching and use of the gym/ studio, our student become well rounded athletes.  Through the years we have learned that a child that is physically fit is more likely to excel at karate but also it prevents injuries.  

Currently our classes are Wednesday 430pm - 530pm and Saturdays 10-11am.  In November we are trying to start a 4 day a week program, Tuesdays 4-5pm, Wednesday 4:30-5:30pm, Thursday 4-5pm and Saturdays 10-11am.

Specialty Guest Instructors and Classes

MSMA has relationships with other schools and masters of other techniques.  We bring in guest instructors to teach additional skills including karate, Jujitsu, weapons and other forms.  We also hold seminars to increase our students skills to become more empowered and successful.

MDMA: Class Schedule
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MSMA: Staff


Kathy Herron is the creator of MDMA along with her husband Matt Herron.  Kathy and Will Burgess the lead instructor combined there is over 25 years of experience teaching, coaching, molding students into self disciplined young adults.  

Kathy also leads a women self defense class every Saturday morning at 9am.



*Red Belt - Mixed American-style Karate



*Cage Fitness 


*Black Belt - BJJ


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