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Free Weights/ Cross Training/ Strength

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Staffed Hours:

Mon, Wed, Fri 10am – 7pm

Tue, Thur 8am - 10am &

4pm  - 7pm

Sat 9am – 11am


101 Marlboro Ave,

Suite #37
Easton, MD 21601

Easton Fitness: Class List


Voted Best of the Best 9 Years in a Row!

We offer health club classes that focus on your needs and well being. From strength building to cardio workouts, you will find a class that meets your personal goals. We even offer Karate for youth 4-18 by Mid Shore Martial Arts 


Are you looking to build a stronger more defined back end, lower back and legs?  This class will teach you how.  30 mins of burning your BUTT!  Come learn and have fun with Shelby! 


Come dance, shake it, exercise, jump. move, laugh and sweat to jammin music every Wednesday. 


This class is designed around muscle activation and full body functional movements using dumbbells, barbells and bodyweight. In addition, you will perform isolation type exercises to build strength. Light to medium weights will be used to increase blood flow to all of your muscle groups which will enhance your ability to become stronger and more toned. 45 Mins.

Boxing / Women Boxing Hand Technique

We have two boxing programs.  Tuesdays and Thursdays class is standard boxing and agility.   Saturday's Women Only Boxing / Hand Tehnique class is designed to teach how to punch and use different hand techniques to throw and block punches ranging from boxing style to martial arts styles.  These class will work on your strength, cardiovascular and endurance performance.


Multiple classes that are focused on strength, agility, endurance, flexibility all tied togother in one workout.  Classes are designed to work all facets of fitness.   All levels of training from no experience to advance will beneit!


This is a 30 minute program is designed to teach you how to use barbells and dumbells to build strength and create great form that you can evolve into future progress.  You will build strength learn how to focus on each muscle group. 

MSMA - MID SHORE Martial Arts Kids Karate 

Youth classes for age 5 - 18.   Please contact front desk for more details.

TRX / Core

Full Body functional movements for strength and flexibility.  This type of exercise works for beginners to advanced.  We cycle the workout to work abs in between larger muscle groups.


This class will help reduce stress and fatigue; increase your flexibility; improve your balance; enhance breathing patterns and improve your posture. Practice staying in the moment thereby allowing you to become more centered and present... all the while by having fun. A word of caution, practicing yoga could change your life as you experience the alignment of mind, body and soul. A 1-hour class.


This class is a coached group training class that is strictly Free Weights and Strength Machines as well as functional full body movements.  WOMEN LOVE this class.  You will be coached and learn how to lift weights with correct form and be exposed to a variety of training techniques.  Building strength and muscle for women and men of all levels.  Change your body!


This is a fun, joyful Latin-inspired fitness class that combines all the rhythms in Latin music such as Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Rumba, Mambo, Belly Dance, Flamenco, Samba, Tango, Reggaeton and Hip Hop. 45-minutes.

30 Days of GRIT - Woman Fitness / Weight Loss Nutrition program (Paid Program)

Make a decision to get help achieving your health and fitness goals!


  • This program works for people of all abilities, ages and needs helping them to achieve their health and fitness goals. I have been right by their side through the battles of changing their health and helping them change things such as diabetes, high blood pressure, reduce the need for surgeries as well as post surgeries.

  • You need 4 things to really make a change. 1 – Real nutritional coaching that educates you. 2 - Proper choreographed workouts for each individual. 3 - A coach that cares and is an expert. 4 – To HAVE FUN!​

  • The average person to advanced athlete will see results participating in my 24 Days to LEAN Program.It’s all about changing your brain and how you perceive food as well as how your body adapts to the change.We will not shock your body like most other systems. Slow and steady progress is the key that allows your body to adapt.Otherwise you will gain it all back.


Are you a running enthusiast?  5k, 10k, 1/2 or full marathoner?  OCR / Obstacle course athlete?  Weekend warrior?  Athlete that needs to be faster?  Kid to adult competing in sports?  This program will make you faster, stronger, more agile, safer and less prone to injuries.  We train on body position, lateral strength since most runners only focus on north south movements.  The program will enhance your flexibility increase your stride. 

STRONG MAN Class / Training (Paid Program)

This class is dedicate to educate, coach and introduce Strong Man Strength Training to beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes.  We are a facility that will allow competitors to train, learn and improve their competing and evolve using non-traditional lifts and techniques.  We will hold mini events and include competition style formats.

JUMP START Success program (Paid Program)

Do you need a plan to hit the gym so you can take the guessing out of what the hell to do when you walk in?  The Jumo STart program is designed to meet with a trainer 3 times, create a program and write it down so you have it and take with you.  Now you know exactly what to do when you come to workout.  NO MORE GUESSING!

Easton Fitness: Class Schedule
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Easton Fitness: Staff


Our Personal Trainers have over 50 years of experience. Fitness Rx Training Studios only hire experienced trainers that know how to safely work with your, athletes, mothers young to older and seniors. We specialize in helping people that are injured and recovering from joint replacements and rehab. Our Nutritional coaching is based on real life experiences and not only book education. (A 20 year old male don’t not use nutrition the same way a 48 year old mother of three does).
Schedule your FREE assessment with one of our trainers to find out what programs we have to offer and how to make you achieve your goals.






*TABATA Bootcamp


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