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Weight loss is a huge industry as everyone is aware. There are magic pills, special diets, fancy workouts, specialists in a variety of disciplines tell you one thing while others tell you something different. What should you do? Exercise only and make yourself hurt with burning and have soreness for days? Diet or starve yourself? Eat only Protein?

Fitness Rx has just finished its first Biggest Loser challenge and it was a huge success. Not a success because tons of people signed up but a success because the average weight loss per members was 19lbs with the winning team losing 9% in overall weight and the overall winner lost 34 pounds. Our philosophy in losing weight is 70% diet and 30% exercise as well stressing education in nutrition and the proper exercises. Our trainers focused on groups working together to develop a sense of teamwork and accountability to each other.

We are starting a new Body Challenge in March and will use the same principles as before. Our mission is to get as many people involved as possible to give them the tools to lose weight and help keep the weight off. Fitness Rx is about member results and the Body Challenge is one vehicle we are using.

Body Challenge Starts March 1st. Deadline to Join is February 28

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