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Jump Start Program

Updated: Aug 11

Are you unsure what to do when you come to the gym? Do you want help but don’t know who to ask or what to do? Is the gym an intimidating place?

Fitness Rx has created a Jump Start program for new members and existing members that will help them create a plan and trackable progress every single time they walk into the gym. Does matter if you are a newbie to the gym and need guidance to an advance gym rat that wants a change to shock your body into results, this program will work and is very affordable

3 one on one training sessions with a trainer over a 2-week time frame to create a comprehensive workout program that will be written down on paper and you keep with you for every workout. NO MORE QUESSING! We teach you how to track your progress and you will see results!

$99 is the price for success. Register online: or come into the either Easton or Stevensville to register.

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