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30 Day Get Fit Program

Updated: Mar 9

Its 2021 so its time to fight COVID get your body back in 30 Days!!!



of all ages!! Get your health back NOW! 🙂

Enjoy 30 days straight of awesome effective workouts that will get you looking so good your girlfriends will be asking you what the heck you've been doing!

But there's totally a HUGE catch...

✅ You've gotta commit to showing up at least 3 times to work with (Mark the owner or Stephanie studio manager) our super-fun, super-supportive coaches, will work on a customized plan with you personally and take our classes.

-3 one in one sessions, group classes and gym membership-

✅ You've got to have a positive attitude (we love workout rookies and make the whole fitness thing fun as heck, you've gotta be cool with that!)

✅ You've got to try your best

That's it! The rest is on us.

Oh, and one more thing...

💪 We are not your typical meathead or box gym - we don't make you throw crazy weights over your head or scrape your shins on boxes (we do safe, effective, INCLUSIVE, fun-as-heck workouts that even the most "but I've never worked out in years" workout rookie can love and enjoy)

💪 We don't throw you on a treadmill or random machines for half the session (You'll get REAL hands on coaching from fun, supportive, professional experts that care about you) 👍

💪 We won't let you get lost in classes of 30-50 people doing things that aren't good for you, your goals, or your body's needs (you'll get small, fun groups with other fun supportive people you'll actually LOVE showing up for! )

All you gotta do to reserve your place is

1- Clink on the link below


2- Email Mark - or Stephanie -

ONLY $99 for 21 Days of membership, free classes and 3 One on One training sessions

APPLY NOW on line for convenience:


We're closing it up after we get to 9 ladies and honestly not sure when we'll open up another one of these. Just being straight with you 👍

Spots Will Fill Up Quickly (they always do!) So Click APPLY NOW to get more info.

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