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24 Days to LEAN weight Loss Program

24 Days to Lean – 4,5,6 week programs Easton & Kent Island starts:

Easton 6pm 443-385-0506

Stevensville 410-643-3130

Make a decision to get help achieving your health and fitness goals!

📷 I have worked with many people of all abilities, ages and needs helping them to achieve their health and fitness goals. I have been right by their side through the battles of changing their health and helping them change things such as diabetes, high blood pressure, reduce the need for surgeries as well as post surgeries.

📷 You need 4 things to really make a change. 1 – Real nutritional coaching that educates you. 2 - Proper choreographed workouts for each individual. 3 - A coach that cares and is an expert. 4 – To HAVE FUN!

📷 This program is 5 weeks of workouts with media recognized coach, Mark. Nutritional coaching and guidance, fun group workouts and environment with daily communication with Mark. Easton and Kent Island.

📷 Prices range based on # of weeks the program is running $80-100 per person for program or $100-120 per person program & studio membership

📷 The average person to advanced athlete will see results participating in my 24 Days to LEAN Program. It’s all about changing your brain and how you perceive food as well as how your body adapts to the change. We will not shock your body like most other systems. Slow and steady progress is the key that allows your body to adapt. Otherwise you will gain it all back.

Register today! Easton & Kent Island

Contact Mark,


24 Days to Lean - $100

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Easton: (443) 385-0506 | Kent Island: (410) 643-3130

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