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The Fall is basically upon us!!  This means school is starting which equates to more stress in your life. You need to focus on your health……NOW! If you want major results in a fun and safe environment then our series of 4 week Programs are for YOU!

The following is a listing of our 24 Days To Lean programs at both Easton and Kent Island locations. 

Fitness Rx Easton

101 Marlboro ave, Easton, MD 21666


October program is 10/8-31

November program is 11/5-28


Fitness Rx Stevensville 

155 Sallitt Dr suite A Stevensville, MD 21666


October program is 10/9 – 11/1

November program is 11/6 – 11/1

You can make progress all through the fall into the holidays with our flexible schedule, fun training sessions and nutrition coaching all without breaking the bank!!

Each program runs four weeks. Easton will be Monday and Wednesdays while Stevensville will be Tuesday and Thursdays. Each workout will be 6 to 6:30 p.m and you will get coaching directly from Mark the owner of Fitness Rx. The program will be catered specifically to your needs and your ability and you’ll also get coaching on EXACTLY what to eat for the best results for your body.

**As an added incentive, you could earn cold hard cash if you have the best overall results in the group!!

It’s only $75 for each program!  That’s $3 a day!

QUESTIONS?  Just message me on this event page, I will answer any thing you need to know.  To register on line use for each program go to, and include the location and program or programs you are registering for.  

Act now because the SOONER you take action, the SOONER you succeed. 

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