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Explore Our Exceptional Amenities for Better Health and Fitness!


Discover a world of fitness possibilities with our outstanding amenities designed for those passionate about health, fitness, and weight loss. With 24/7 access and two convenient locations in Easton and Kent Island, we've been consistently recognized as the Best of the Best for nine consecutive years.


Immerse yourself in expert weight training coaching and personalized training with nutrition guidance.


Our specialized programs cater to various needs, including:

  • Women's Weight Training/Strength/Tone program

  • Nationally recognized Weight Loss Programs

  • Functional Strength Training

  • Men's Weight Training/Strength


We offer a holistic approach to fitness, addressing diverse age groups and interests. From Youth Athletic Programs to Senior Strength, Mobility & Function programs, our services cater to everyone. Engage in Cross Training, Runners Cross Training, OCR Cross Training, and take advantage of our extensive sections of weight training equipment.

Feel the adrenaline with our Climbing Rock Wall, and find tranquility in our Cardio and Stretch areas. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a beginner on the journey to better health, our amenities provide the perfect environment for your fitness goals. Join us in embracing a healthier lifestyle!

🌟  Unlock your potential with fun and progress! Get in touch today! 🌟

Easton Studio

101 Marlboro Ave., Suite #37

Easton, MD 21601

Ph: 1 (443) 385-0506

Open 24/7

Staffed Hours:

Mon, Wed, Fri: 10a – 7p

Tue, Thurs: 8a - 10a & 4p - 7p

Sat: 9a – 11a

Sun: No staffed hours

Kent Island Studio

1521 Postal Rd., Suite D

Chester, MD 21619

Ph: 1 (410) 643-3130

Open 24/7

Staffed Hours:

Mon - Thurs: 9a – 11a & 4p - 7p

Fri: 9a - 12p

Sat: 9a – 12p

Sun: No staffed hours

Meet the Easton & Kent Island Trainers

Benefit from over 50 years of combined experience with Fitness Rx Training Studios' Personal Trainers. Our team, exclusively composed of seasoned professionals, ensures a safe and effective approach to fitness for athletes, mothers (both young and older), and seniors. Specializing in guiding individuals through injuries, joint replacements, and rehab, our trainers bring a wealth of experience to support your unique fitness journey.


What sets us apart is our holistic nutritional coaching, grounded in real-life experiences rather than mere book knowledge. We understand that a 20-year-old male's nutritional needs differ significantly from those of a 48-year-old mother of three. This personalized approach reflects our commitment to tailoring fitness and nutrition guidance to individual circumstances.


Ready to embark on a personalized fitness journey? Schedule your FREE assessment today to explore our range of programs and set the path towards achieving your health and wellness goals.

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